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My name is Marjolein Cho Chia Yuen (1990) and I’ve been part of the national team Juniors and Young Riders ever since I can remember. I’ve had a very successful Junior period, highlighted by my Individual gold medal at the Dutch Championships in 2008.  In 2008 and 2009 I was part of the European team with Cho’s Pepper, which resulted in a silver and gold team medal.

A few years a go I started training with Anky van Grunsven, I decided to train with her every day for the first 3,5 years to make sure I absolutely understand the way of riding. She’s not only my trainer but also my coach, she’s always there to help me. She’s a great example for me and we have a lot in common. We simply match and make a good team together.

Right now I train with Anky weekly, I live just around the corner so it’s easy to drive up and down once or twice a week. For me weekly training fits better than daily training at the moment because I’m taking courses in Business and Management as well. Not only in riding people call me ambitious, but also at the university I like to stand out of the crowd. This probably explains the choice for doing this course Fast-track. I like to challenge myself. If people tell me something is very hard to accomplish or a goal is too difficult to reach, that’s only an extra motivation to provide proof to the contrary.

I’m interested in so much more than just riding. Intercultural aspects in business, languages but also marketing and communication aspects appeal to me and I think it’s very important to develop my skills with regard to those aspects on a high level as well. I focus 200% on my career in dressage but also feel like I have to develop a certain level of business skills to be ‘me’. My parents always told me: follow your heart in everything you do and that’s exactly what I’m doing.