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 Cho’s Pepper (1998)

Cho’s Pepper is my top horse at the moment. I’m competing at small tour level with him at national and international competitions. At this moment we’re training towards big tour level. At home he’s called Pep. Pep always wants to work for you and he seriously is my soul mate, he will be there for me no matter what. He loves to get your attention and wants to cuddle all day long. He gives kisses and likes to play with water. He’s very stubborn and always tries to do things his way, but once he’s convinced of my way he always follows true. He’s super hot and the more I work with him, the hotter he gets. Hard work makes him excited. To me he’s the perfect horse, that probably explains his second nickname: King Pepper.

Cho’s Beverly (2006)

Cho’s Beverly is my future horse. Her nickname at the barn is ‘Diva’, which probably says enough. She knows exactly what she wants, and even more what she doesn’t want. She’s very stubborn and very hot. She loves attention and hates water. She likes working for me, but even then likes to do it all her way. A serious challenge for me!

Cho’s Balin (2006)

Cho’s Balin is our friendly giant. He’s very tall and has a great personality. He loves to cuddle, play in the field and is the most sweetest horse ever. He can be very stubborn, but in the end he’ll always try to do the best he can.