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ADC Autogroep Veghel and Volkswagen Bank sponsors of new Volkswagen Up! (9th July 2012)

ADC Autogroep Veghel and Volkswagen Bank are my new sponsors. They offered me a brand new Volkswagen Up! to travel in style. I don't have to worry about those hp's anymore! Below a picture of me, Cho's Pepper and my new Volkswagen Up!. For more pictures check 'pictures' on my website...

I want to thank both parties for their believe in me and their support. It brings me one step closer to make my dreams come true.

My new Volkswagen Up!

Picture: Marius Kamerbeek

Successful semi- final for the DC (23rd February 2012)


Last weekend Cho's Pepper and I competed at the semi-final for the Dutch Championships in Uden. There were 70 competitors and two groups. Pepper and I competed in the first one at saturday.

In the PSG Pepper did just amazing and we had a fantastic trot part of the test. He seriously showed off and we scored a 9 on our half pass to the right. In the canter part he got a little hot, but that gave that bit extra to this part of the test. Especially the tempis were very nice. We took the 3rd place with almost 72%. I was already super happy with him after this test but there was still one to come.

The Inter I was ridden right after the PSG. Pepper was a bit more quiet this time, still his trot part was very very nice. He was nicely up and forward. The canter part was even better! We scored a 9 on our pirouette to the right and an 8,5 at the left one. I was already super proud of him, but in the 2 tempis we misunderstood and that resulted in a mistake. Too bad, but still we took the 4th place with a percentage of almost 72!

After all I can say I had a super successful weekend and I hope we can keep this until the DC that will take place in Ermelo within a month (16th until 18th March). But first Pepper gets a well deserved week of light work. After that we will start training with Anky van Grunsven towards the DC and we are determined to get a medal, can't wait! For now I'm just very proud of Peppertje, he's my champ!!



FOR SALE: Cho's Balin (8th November 2011)

Cho's Balin is the 5yr old black gelding that I've had since he was born. At the moment we're doing M/Z level at home, in the simple changes and half passes is still some work to do. Balin is very reliable and easy to work with. Other than that he loves to cuddle and play. He is a real eye-catcher and likes to show off at shows. Riding in the woods is also not a problem for Balin, he's fine at every location. Balin suits a rider who wants to compete at national or international level, but also loves to take a relaxed walk into the woods.

Interested? Please contact me for further information by email or by phone (0031-622988730)


Succesfull weekend for Cho's Pepper after break (29th October 2011)


The 23th of October Pepper and I competed Prix St. Georges in Liempde and won with a score of almost 70%. It was the first competition after a break of almost 7 months due to a small injury. For me the competition was a test to see if we could have the same feeling in a test as we had at home. Pepper did amazing and he was really paying attention to me. Especially the trot part of the test went really well. We scored high marks on this and also on the pirouettes. I'm really happy with him and the way he behaved himself. I think he wanted to show me he's totally ready for the qualifications for the Dutch Championships that are coming up.

But not only Pepper had a great weekend, also my younger gelding went really well. For him everything was still very exciting because it was just the second time I took him to a competition. It wasn't a real competition but I think it's important for my younger horses to experience the scene around a competition at a young age so that they get used to it. For this reason I think the practice competition set up in Uden are truely usefull. I can say I had an amazing weekend: Thanks horsies!

Cho's Pepper back in to full work (13th September 2011)


Pepper and I are getting back on track. Since a few weeks Pepper and I are back into full work. After a period of rest we're finally back to normal work. We’ve been building up the training sessions and last week we started doing one and two tempis! I can’t describe the feeling after doing 15 one tempis totally straight and clean with Pep… it’s amazing! I’m so extremely proud of him! In the upcoming weeks we’ll start training with Anky again and start working on the passage and piaffe. Can’t wait!

Way to go Cho's Balin!

Cho’s Balin, the 5yr old black gelding I bought as a foal, is doing really well. I started riding him with double bridle a few weeks ago. He goes really well and I’m building up the training sessions now up to a higher level. For example: simple change of leg, walk pirouettes and half pass in trot. I’m planning to compete him Z level in the beginning of next year (after he turned 6). It’s great fun to ride two horses that are so not alike. One horse at Small Tour level and a young horse that I taught everything. It’s an extremely proud feeling I get when riding Balin because it shows how much he has learned untill now and I feel him getting closer to me every day. On the other hand it makes me feel a little sad as well because I know it’s making it harder to say goodbye in the end. It makes me aware of the fact that he’s for sale….


Cho’s Pepper back on track (19th August 2011)

After a period of basic work, Cho’s Pepper’s getting back on track. We’re now almost back to normal work and it’s amazing how fast he picks up the work and exercises. He had lots of energy and sometimes gets too excited during work.  A good sign of course, but hard work for me to tell him good is enough and perfect should be saved for competitions later on!

The next couple of weeks we’ll focus on training towards competition level. We’ll probably compete again in October and start off on Small Tour level. I can’t wait to go to Anky’s for our normal training sessions and I’m super excited to compete him again! For me this period of non competitions may end, we’re ready to get back into the competition to win the game!