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What can you mean to me?
It’s almost impossible to be a top athlete without sponsors that support you. For me it’s also very important to have a great consistent team around me that believes in me and invests in me so that I’m able to continue getting high results and scores. Since I’m improving a lot, the big international competitions are coming up. These competitions are very expensive and so are the trips towards them. It’s essential to get your horse at the competition ground as fit as possible. Therefore I need a big lorry so that Pepper has enough space to have a convenient trip. Another important reason is the fact that a big truck gives me the opportunity to bring all the necessary stuff and also provides a good place to sleep for me and my groom. Also the weekly training with Anky van Grunsven is very expensive. And in the equestrian business it’s very important to have more than one top horse. If one of your horses is injured that means you’re out of the competitions for a while. A second horse is essential. For those reasons it would be fantastic if you could support me financially to give me the chance to reach my ambitious goals and develop myself even more.

What can I offer you?
Of course I can offer something to you too. It’s possible to attach your companies’ name to a horse it’s name and your logo will be placed on the truck and website. Giving clinics for a group of people or presentations about the link between business and sport at top level are possibilities as well.

Why me?
Nowadays there are tons of possibilities to invest in athletes. Why would you choose me? I’m young, ambitious and very enthusiastic. I put 100% of myself into my sport, just like you do into your  company. I’m not satisfied with less than an A. This doesn’t only influence my results but also your company name. The better my results, the more your company name will be named in papers and magazines. But the most important thing is my mentality: Sport is my life and I give everything for good results. I’m not a quitter. I focus for 200%, but I’m still very aware of the world around the sport, I follow my heart but always remember, there’s more than just riding. Arrogance doesn’t suit me. This all could make me a very interesting ambassador for your company!

The packages 1 till 4 are meant for horses that I own.

1. Package SUPERIOR (25.000 euro)
- Company name attached to the name of my top competition horses
- 4 VIP tickets for important competitions
- Logo on website (main spot)
- Logo on the lorry 2x (front and side), bigger size than package GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE
- Logo on saddle pad and riding clothes
- Company presentation and clinic 2x
- Opportunity for the sponsor to recommend a person who can take lessons with me for FREE (during 1 year, every other week)

2. Package GOLD (10.000 euro)
- Company name attached to the name of my young/upcoming talented horses
- 2 VIP tickets for important competitions
- Logo on website
- Logo on the lorry 1x (backside)
- Company presentation and clinic 1x

3. Package SILVER (7500 euro)
- 1 VIP ticket for important competition
- Logo on website
- Logo on the lorry 1x (backside)
- Company presentation or clinic 1x

4. Package BRONZE (5000 euro)
- Logo on website
- Logo on the lorry 1x (backside)

All packages can be customized within the financial margins.

The package INVESTMENT is meant for investors who want to buy me a horse for the purpose of sale. I don’t own the horses meant in this package.

This package is custom made for each sponsor. The content of this package is as follows:
- Sponsor invests money by buying a horse
- The sponsor owns this horse but signs a contract that says he wants me to train the horse for the purpose of selling
- After a period of training the horse will get sold
- The sponsor will get a predetermined percentage (50%) of the profit after deductions, the other 50% will be a fee for me
- The company name will be attached to the name of the horse (not necessarily)